About CyNam

The primary aim for CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham) is to help create the conditions for local cyber technology innovation. We provide the capability, community and culture to help set small companies on the path towards becoming ‘unicorns’. We see CyNam as orchestrators – bringing together pioneering start-ups with investment, industry and government for wealth creation in the Gloucestershire region.

Based in Cheltenham, the home of GCHQ and the largest concentration of cyber technology businesses in the country, CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham) began as a modest Meetup networking group in 2015, for members of the region’s cyber security community. In a short space of time, CyNam’s popularity grew dramatically, and today it hosts regular events with hundreds of attendees.

Now more than 4900+  members strong, CyNam provide a valuable, Cheltenham-centric platform that connects the best cyber technology minds and local SMEs and start-ups to support from people, expertise, guidance, funding, and new business.

Headed by a board of business leaders with vast experience of start-ups and SMEs, CyNam is driven by an unselfish aim to support the development of Cheltenham’s cyber technology industry, and its wider ecosystem.

CyNam is proudly independent, providing unbiased advice and impartial introductions for its members. As a Community Interest Company, CyNam ensures that all profits are invested back into developing even greater value for Cheltenham’s cyber technology community.

CyNam provides a Cheltenham-centric platform that connects the best cyber security minds and local SMEs and start-ups.

Our Values

Community Obsessed

Community Obsessed

Creating Inspiration

Creating Inspiration

Love of Place

Love of Place

Doing what's Needed

Available to Everyone

Available to Everyone

Having Fun Whilst Doing it

What makes CyNam different?

In addition to cyber security advice and support, CyNam offers its community access to a member’s directory providing collaboration opportunities, guidance or support services a growing business needs.

Based in Cheltenham, the UK’s fastest growing hub for cyber security, CyNam connects expert industry speakers and a knowledgeable community, from technical to C-suite, in leading, innovative and knowledgeable companies.

CyNam is an open and independent community, offering relevant information, signposting knowledge for local businesses, from industry experts, government and academia.

Support from our sponsors means CyNam events, and access to our community, are completely free for members.

Our Partners

CyNam works closely with businesses within Cheltenham to promote and record our events, and ensure we meet the demands of local governance, the areas and our community.


CyNam’s Strategic Partner


Physical home of CyNam

Our Charity Partners

CyNam works with local charities who help improve lives through technologies, providing these charities with a platform and opportunity to speak and showcase their causes.

GDA is the only charity in Gloucestershire providing practical and emotional support to deaf, hard of hearing and deafened children, young people and adults.

Deafness is one of the most misunderstood conditions in our society. Most people will assume deafness is about not being able to hear when in fact it’s about the daily battle a person faces with communication and the heart-breaking effect it can have on their physical and mental wellbeing.

GDA provides a range of services and support that aim to alleviate the loneliness and isolation people living with deafness can face, from lip-reading classes to social activities and communication support. Everything GDA does has the purpose to give deaf people confidence, to feel safe and inspired and to be part of the wider conversation.

IT Schools Africa is a UK-registered charity operating in Africa and the UK with a mission to transform lives through access to e-Learning.

IT Schools Africa collect, refurbish and upgrade donated IT equipment in the UK and reuse for educational and social projects in Africa and the UK. Since 2004 the charity has sent over 50,000 computers to Africa, installed 20 school e-Learning labs, trained over 750 teachers and given over 3 million children access to IT.

Meet the Team

Richard Yorke

Managing Director at CyNam

Having been in the industry for 20+ years, Richard is now CyNam's Managing Director.

Chris Dunning-Walton

Director at CyNam

As well as being a Board Advisor at InfoSec People, Chris is also a CyNam Director.

Reid Derby

Strategic Director at CyNam

As well as being Innovation Strategic Advisor for the Golden Valley Development, Reid is also our Strategic Director.

Paul Bentham

Director at CyNam

As well as being the Chief Product Officer at Immersive Labs, Paul is also a CyNam Director.

Bruce Gregory

Director at CyNam

As well as being the Managing Director of Hub8, Bruce is also a CyNam Director.

Charlotte smith

Cyber Skills Growth Lead and Enterprise Co-ordinator at CyNam

Charlotte is our Skills Growth Lead as well as Enterprise Co-Ordinator at the LEP.

Daisy North

Marketing Executive Apprentice

Daisy is our Marketing Executive Apprentice, studying at Gloucestershire College.

Amy Cushion

Business Support & Operations Manager

Amy Cushion is our Business Support & Operations Manager.

Hollie Wakefield

Ecosystem Engagement, Marketing and Events Manager

Hollie is our Events and ecosystem engagement lead.

Helen Dunning-Walton

Company Secretary

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