Agri-Tech Discovery Update

Agri-Tech is an emerging area of interest within the cyber security sector, and is starting to transform UK food systems. With 78% of farmers across the UK using some form of AgriTech, it’s vital to understand the security and risk components that lie within these technologies. The 2022 Government Food Strategy identifies innovation as a key component in meeting its economic and sustainably objectives. 

Agriculture and food production is a major sector in Gloucestershire and a key part of the regional economy. It is also the home of two leading Universities specialising in the future of agriculture, Hartpury University and the Royal Agricultural University (RAU), the selected site for what is currently described as the world’s largest vertical farm[8], and the largest concentration of cyber technology businesses in the country.

 Inevitably increased digitisation brings with it a corresponding cyber security threat. CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham) has therefore created a discovery project to bring together stakeholders from the Agri-Tech and Cyber communities to better understand the challenges and opportunities in this space.

AgriTech Discovery – Update