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CyNam partners with GDA for CyNam 19.3!

At past events CyNam has partnered with numerous charities to provide them with a platform to raise awareness for the incredible work and support they provide to the local community.

So, we are thrilled to announce that at the next event on October 10th, CyNam will be partnering with GDA (Gloucestershire Deaf Association), a charity who is leading the way for services for deaf people in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Swindon and South Gloucestershire.

In the run-up and throughout the event we will be very grateful if you would help us in supporting this great charity, any contribution is appreciated:

Also, make sure to come and join us at CyNam 19.3 to talk to this fantastic charity and find out more about what they do:

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Tickets for CyNam 19.3: ‘Virtual Threats, Operational Realities’ are now available!

Register here

On Thursday 10th October from 6pm-9pm we are opening the doors for the third CyNam event this year. This next networking event for Cheltenham and Gloucestershire’s cyber security and cyber technology community will be held at Jury’s Inn, Cheltenham.

In addition to the usual opportunities to network, innovate and collaborate, the overarching topic for this evening is ‘Virtual Threats, Operational Realities’. This means we’ll be exploring how operational technology (OT) can grow securely within an open digital ecosystem as we shift from a practical, analogue operating world to one driven by connectivity. We’ll also be looking at what lessons OT can learn from IT as hardware and software lines start to blur.

For CyNam 19.3, we’ll be asking questions such as:

• How can OT grow securely in the open digital space?

• What can ‘connected OT’ learn from IT security?

• Where will digital OT need to travel across industries and supply chains?

As always, tickets are free but limited – you can only reserve one ticket per person. You can register your place from our Eventbrite page:

We look forward to you joining us again soon!

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Cheltenham Cyber Business Park Talk

Jeremy Williamson from Cheltenham Development Task Force (an advisory body to Cheltenham Borough Council) will give a talk on the proposed Cheltenham Cyber Business Park to be constructed on the west of the town close to GCHQ. This is an exciting prospect for those connected and already working in Cheltenham’s security and technical community. Jeremy will explain the proposal in detail including the all important timelines. He’ll also ask for input from the very people that will be the end users – us!