CyberFirst South West

South West Partners.

Supporting CyberFirst Schools.

A South West based consortium of local partners including Raytheon UK, CyNam, TechSpark SW, tand Graphic Science will be responsible for the end-to-end delivery for the programme to run the South West Cyber Education Ecosystem.

This includes the assessment and evaluation of CyberFirst School applications using the ‘CyberFirst Schools in a Box’ toolkit, the growth of the CyberFirst Schools community in the South-West and engagement and facilitation with industry and schools to enable e-mentoring and work experience.

Upcoming Events.

What To Expect.

Expect a day of hands on workshops and endless opportunities offered by local industry partners.

CyberFirst activities are intended to inspire and encourage students from all backgrounds to consider a career in cybersecurity and apply for a CyberFirst bursary.

Check out the events calendar to see if there is an event near you, whether you are a school or industry, there are opportunities for all to inspire the next generation of cyber experts.

 To get involved please get in touch with

#CyberFirst making an impact

#CyberFirst received some very positive feedback about the program last week, from a #CyberFirst Gold school sharing some amazing statistics on how #CyberFirst has impacted the students and made a step in the right direction of inspiring the next generation and showing them all the doors Cyber has to offer!

“The current Year 11 had no girls taking Computer Science or ICT. However, this year (current Year 10) have had more girls choosing Computer Science at GCSE this academic year and now make up 35% of the cohort and in IT (23%), thanks to the focus we have doing different events last year to promote more girls into the subject. There has been a steady increase in students from disadvantaged backgrounds taking Computer Science, which is now at 20% of the cohort. The ethnic minority makeup of classes has increased and now is 11% of the cohort. So being able to do things as a CyberFirst school after lockdown has increased the profile of the subject and encouraged students from underrepresented groups to take both ICT and Computer Science. This was not the case in the years of COVID-19 lockdown, and it showed from the lack of underrepresented groups taking the subjects.”

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Sanjeeva- Head of Computing & ICT at Newent Community School & Sixth Form Centre