‘Who we are and what we do to the NCSC for Startups Alumni Week participants’ – CACI

CACI were delighted to be invited to introduce ourselves and give an overview of who we are and what we do to the NCSC for Startups Alumni Week participants. We spent the first hour of the day with an introduction to CACI and how we support our SME partners, helping them to navigate government contracts and comply with security requirements whilst also supporting their growth into wider ecosystems.

The rest of the day was spent in one to ones with the startups, discussing in greater detail what they do, what stage they are at and how we might be able to either partner with or support them in the future.


It was, for us, a very educational and fascinating day and we hope we had a positive impact on those individuals and businesses we spoke to. Supporting SME’s and partnering with other companies is a key facet of CACI’s strategy, and events such as the NCSC for Startups Alumni Week are a great opportunity for everyone to benefit from shared knowledge and access to decision makers across a wide range of the technology sphere.