A week in a life of a post-GCSE work experience student

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Work Experience Cyber Report


Recently, one of CyNam’s Board Member’s Mark Adams had a post-GCSE work experience student from Pate’s Grammar School (a #CyberFirst school) join him at the Hub 8 offices.

Bored of theory, the student was immersed in a real-time case study. Read for yourself his top three takeaways below:

💻 I built a system using GCLOUD CLI’s virtual machine (attacker) and Openfire docker (server) and exploited the server using a real RCE exploit.
🎇 I learnt how quickly exploits such as these explode and spread and therefore the difficulty of issue disclosure by companies.
🔐 I learned how to use command line to securely download files and use command functions to navigate inside of files and connect to the GCLOUD CLI.

The student said “thank you Mark Adams for being an incredible mentor, allowing me to develop, sharpen and refine a multitude of cybersecurity skills that I will be able to further develop in the future. Thank you, Amy CushionHollie Wakefield and the CyNam team for the wonderful opportunity to take part in this work experience. I found it extremely interesting, challenging, and an exciting learning opportunity that allowed me to vastly expand my knowledge of cybersecurity, especially CVEs and RCEs. I truly hope that I can do some more work experiences with the CyNam community in the future!”

We also add Mark what he thought. Mark said “working with the student was a great experience for me, he was enthusiastic to learn and totally immersed in the task. He covered 3 times more work than I was expecting. Was it really only a week?! Also, he found a new tool I hadn’t heard of which is now my favourite vulnerability profiling tool. Seeing other people develop and learn is often interesting, challenging and humbling. I would encourage everyone in business to consider work experience opportunities, and have your perspectives challenged.”