CyNam Sponsorship

The opportunities and benefits of sponsoring CyNam

As a Community Interest Company created to benefit the local cyber security community, CyNam relies solely on sponsorship from organisations to cover its event costs and activities. If you wish to aid the development of Cheltenham as the UK’s hub for cyber and tech innovation, CyNam offers a range of options to help support our aims.

Why sponsor CyNam?

Elevate your brand recognition and awareness with the cyber security community

Communicate your message to active and engaged participants – be a ‘big fish in a small pond’!

Be involved with a community at the forefront of technical innovation and expertise

Online exposure through the CyNam website, social media channels and CyNam’s media coverage

Be part of the cyber security networking community and bring your voice to the conversation

Request our sponsorship pack

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Request our sponsorship pack to learn more about CyNam, the sponsorship opportunities and your options to get involved.

Meet our sponsors

CyNam would not be able to host events and support local cyber security businesses without the help of its generous sponsors.

Industry Sponsors

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