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Students who took part in CyNam event offered “foot in the door” cyber sector opportunities


The future’s looking brighter for a group of Gloucestershire students who took part in an online cyber security showcase event.

The industry event was organised and hosted by CyNam (Cyber Cheltenham) to look at data breaches and ways to tackle cyber criminals.

The session “The Privacy Paradox” was dedicated to highlighting and exploring the opinions and attitudes of young people in relation to data breaches.


Students found training and job opportunities in cyber security firms


And, with around 1,500 senior cyber security decision makers from Gloucestershire and the UK signed up to watch the event virtually, it was the perfect platform for the students.

“We encouraged the students that if they were genuinely interested in having careers in cyber and digital technology then they should make that known during the webcast,” said Madeline Howard, Director of CyNam.

“One by one, when it was their time to talk, they spoke passionately about their hope for the future and desire to connect with those watching the event live.


“I’m thrilled to say that several of those young people have now had an offer of training, work experience and potential apprenticeship opportunities thanks to their appearance on our student panel, proving the old adage that if you don’t ask you won’t get!”

Sam, who attends Wyedean School and who took part in the panel said: “Speaking at CyNam 21.1 ‘Data breaches – Are they the new normal?’ was an incredible opportunity for me. 

“It was a wonderful chance to learn more about a field that fascinates me while also allowing me to showcase and develop my public speaking skills. 

“Lockdown has limited networking opportunities, so it was great to be able to meet up with new and familiar faces. 

“After the student panel session, I was lucky enough to be offered work experience by a couple of the companies that were in the audience.”

CyNam growing Cheltenham’s cyber security industry through networking

CyNam exists to help cyber companies within the Cheltenham and Gloucestershire business community to make connections, find the right support and ultimately grow. 

It is a vital independent platform within the wider Cheltenham ecosystem; enabling networking, innovation and collaboration for the cyber technology industry, with an aim to establish Cheltenham as the cyber hub of the UK.  

Madeline continued: “A major part of our work is geared towards ensuring there are amazing opportunities being created for young people now and for future generations.

That’s why we had the student panel on our virtual event, to know those young people have been able to get a foot in the door of the cyber sector is very gratifying.”

If lockdown restrictions are fully lifted, the next CyNam event will be a mixture of virtual and real-life and takes place in June to coincide with Cheltenham Science Festival.

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